Sagittarius Astrology, Sagittarius Horoscope Sagittarius Sign of the Zodiac

by Prescient Priscilla
(Scottish Astrologer)

Sagittarius Personality Traits

Sagittarius Dates: November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius Personality Traits, Sagittarius Character:

Individuals born in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are generally regarded as being full of energy and enthusiasm. Sagittarius loves life in all its aspects. Sagittarius is also an enterprising individual and since Sagittarius is willing to take risks can often get far in life. Sagittarius fuels this with an incredible amount of energy. Sagittarius will in this way go off hunting for new experiences and life situations and since Sagittarius is generally bright and optimistic, Sagittarius can often succeed fabulously.

Sagittarius is often regarded as a very pleasant character and this may derive from Sagittarius’ connection with spiritual matters. Sagittarius is good to have as a friend as Sagittarius is modest and idealistic. Sagittarius is always keen to learn something new and this makes Sagittarius and interesting person to have around. You will not be bored with Sagittarius as the time that Sagittarius spends learning new things is reflected in their vast knowledge of diverse subjects.

Sagittarius is an independent type and although Sagittarius makes friends easily Sagittarius can cope with being alone without much bother.

Sagittarius has a negative side, just like all of the other signs of the zodiac. Sagittarius can often offend those around them with the sharpness of their words and Sagittarius can become angry rather easily.

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